China Carbon Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd. manufactures Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) for nitrogen generator.


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Our carbon molecular sieve(CMS) for nitrogen generator has with the characteristics of high nitrogen yield、low air consumption、long service life and which has been used to produce 99.999% N2.

     By selecting appropriate raw materials, grinding and carbonization processes, finely controlling carbon deposition and adjusting the aperture diameter of carbon molecular sieve, we will increase nitrogen yield and service life, and reduce the air consumption.
     People expect high-performance carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen
generator (CMS for nitrogen generator) to have high nitrogen yield, low air consumption and long-term service life.
1. China Carbon Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd. found that the lower the ash content of inorganic salts in carbon molecular sieve raw materials, the higher the ability of carbon molecular sieve to separate nitrogen and oxygen. We use pure coconut shell and phenolic resin as raw materials to make carbon molecular sieves to achieve high nitrogen yield.
2. China Carbon Molecular Sieve Co., Ltd. found that the larger the specific surface area and pore volume, the more uniform the micropores of 3-5a, that is, the higher the nitrogen output and the lower the gas consumption of carbon molecular sieve. In order to obtain high-performance carbon molecular sieve with high nitrogen yield (CMS is used for nitrogen
generator), reduce air consumption. By selecting the appropriate carbonization process and finely controlling the carbon deposition process, the pore size of the carbon molecular sieve can be controlled to be more uniform. By carbonization or activation and vapor-phase carbon deposition methods, We prepare carbon molecular sieves for nitrogen with uniform pore size, with a microporosity of 93%, which is suitable for large-capacity pressure swing adsorption and separation of carbon molecular sieves with high adsorption capacity and selectivity.
It is better to use this method to obtain nitrogen with low air/nitrogen ratio and high nitrogen yield and can produce 99.999% nitrogen.
3. The service life of carbon molecular sieve is related to its hardness, water resistance and oil resistance. Since there are the samll amount of oil and water in the compressed air and powder will affect the pore size of carbon molecular sieve,So
the service life of carbon molecular sieve will be affected.
. By selecting appropriate pure raw materials and passing appropriate grinding, grinding and coating processes; controlling the carbon deposition and pore size of high-performance carbon molecular sieves to increase nitrogen yield and carbon molecular sieve air consumption (CMS is used for nitrogen
Our high-performance carbon molecular sieve for nitrogen
generator has the characteristics of high nitrogen production, low air consumption, long service life and energy saving.